Friday, 27 March 2015


Studio tan.

In doors of your own perception. Your own ownership
mined mind minding your next step decides you.
The power to survive.

Strive towards
next thought
says so.
Shopping cart religion
my so-called knowledge is full to the brim of,
what's it for?
why's it so important?
who told me what to do, think, behave, and most importantly.. feel?
Give, take, give .... yay(!) I'm off to "heaven" then with my heavenly
chosen ones.
Rules detest me, good!
Scroll down to what's called "Hell."
I'll say it again,
Not my words, someone elses.
Someone outside my own responsibility.
control of (keyword:) your..
thoughts, actions, feelings, and...
                          consequences of all of the above.
Meanwhile might  as well blame
spiritual anarchists..
the holistic universe..
..or the usual crowd, (anyone who isn't a believer of what we will/are told/will continue to be told believe.)
Ahem #2.

Ahem number three
..I'm off to "Hell" to dance with my friends the non-believers..

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