Friday, 27 March 2015

self dedication

the presence of destiny lies
                                                                                                                      if you do
and then you get all confused trying to fathom what you created
13/04/2012 @1:34pm  Lyall Bay, Wellington.

To yourself.

your health stealth dreams escape dissolving ether dust misty rain cleansing the lens another dimension.
Cartwheeling fractals spectres
motions notions
intangibilities metaphysicality
                                 spent sentimental.
disfracture mending blending confusion fusion illusory
somatose coma
thought release quota
disowner .

empty's response
dissolving resolve
gloved handcuffs
thrust beneath you
clang association
bang smack
sleep deeply temporary
quit the other
yesteryear realm
so now it makes sense like a defragmented jig-saw puzzle
appreciation nuzzle.

Solving the riddles hidden in plain sight
symbolic mind control gestures articulate magic sedate us racing to oblivion my friends are so depressed and animals are tortured reflections of us and our projections external scary mirrors await via truth minus denial if.

If ain't good enough..
if is future..
if is boring..
if is hopeful and gets us nowhere..
if is striving to nothingness..
if is sleeping deluded in our delusions..
if is surrounding ourselves with irresponsibility   .....
if is a cop out.

now now
 now now now now now now is all is action is is is IS
potentials' fruition
NOW is our biggest resource
way beyond beyond
amongst the holism of being right amongst
it all vibrates to the
creator consciousness
sparks like shooting stars and breathing trees
bees knees
pollution absorption
fleeting fast redemption
finger snap reverb brain pick up gather lather wash push pull
row dance trance relax mediate meditate create sudden annihilation sedation reaction action calmness trigger disfigure minds shapes each every moment spoke silently through knowing not things never always  change blink infinitesimal fractions equal
oneness eventually

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