Friday, 27 March 2015

Waiting to Haunt You

Waiting to Haunt You.

We don't decide.
It turns it's back.
What's gone is the memory
out of love.
There are no escapes.
The Day That Never Began.
Dreams make up for your life.
..and the world turns slow.
People mean.
I left myself because.
Life is so sad.
Life is so sad.

Come home again.
Footsteps down the hall.
Kitchen. Sinking. Drinking.
So gone.
Sleep suddenly solemn

Quiet sound.

Around I am dust.
Sweep me off my feet.
Sail to me tomorrow.
Here I am waiting to haunt you.
Throw my heart in-two Death my Bride.
Here I am..
                     waiting to Haunt You.

Mt Victoria

Edge Hill.

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