Escaping live by drunken Jamie Scott Palmer aka The Emptys Response

Friday, 27 March 2015

We Aren't Monsters Anymore.

Sneak a peek roadside.
See the dead piece of meat.
The smiling family bent again.
We grew together yet blink so out of time.

My tiredness is in your eyes.
Caved in memories like truncheons banging cruel nature.
Time carried us to battleships sinking.
Think we must share laughter before it's too late.

Disaster in knowing the mirror.
Washed up faces trace this body of errors.
The world said test me.
Run away happy and wondrous like kites skiting.
Suddenly winding down that recess of your mind.
Time so slyly slipped on by and left. '
Gasped breath death bespoke you.

Somehow someone smiled somewhere.
Nothing left to say.
No more trying.
I need you and can't be bothered.

Let it burn.

Fall from the line.
Polyrhythms duo us.
Ashes are what I want.
Embers of what ought to be gone.

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